Raimund Appel Fotografie


Raimund Appel is a Vienna based photographer and an Austrian by birth and heart, specializing in people portraits.
 His other passions stem from reportage photography for advertising, corporate communication and editorial clients.
 Raimund’s work focusses on the people he portraits. He draws creative vision from developing and realizing ideas and projects together with his clients.
 Thanks to his well-rounded set of skills, he makes ideas work.
 Raimund is surrounded by an equally talented team of professionals - producers, assistants, hair & makeup– and styling-artists – working together to implement their common vision

Clients (sample): RG Verlag, EVN AG., VIDC, Börse Wien, Nespresso, XXXLutz, Thimfilm, Identum, ARA, Tu-Wien, Pentadoc, Constantin Film, Bawag, AK Wien, Medianet, CHiLLi.cc, Tageszeitung Österreich, FHWien, Pressebüro Pyrker etc.